Derek Pickles 

Who am I? Derek Pickles. When did I start at B2R? January 2017 to support my wife Shelley and my family. We joined Coxheath as the start time was 6.00pm meaning the kids could come along even when I am on shift (I work 6-6). Yup, that's 2 kids, a 10 year old girl Kenya and 7 year old boy Caleb, also avid members of the B2R family. I became a TL at Maidstone (Grove Green) because if there is something I enjoy more than my own achievements, it's helping others achieve and surpass their own goals. My running journey is not the same as most, I have always been energetic, cycling for most of my life. I like a challenge, whether it's time bound or a ridiculous distance. My first 5k was an unknown as I didn't run and didn't work in kilometres. However, many of B2R know of me by running reputation, I am an Ultra marathon runner (43+k), which basically means I am happy to run any distance and at any pace. I have completed many runs, but you will have to ask me about them. As for running the London Marathon, it was my wife who asked me and urged me to go for it. The challenge for me this time is being dressed as a Pink Lady® apple, I'm not one for seeking attention. I am proud to be running alongside the other 5 B2R members to encourage them along this journey and to raise money towards our charity Dandelion Time.

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