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With our latest competition, Pink Lady® Makes it Possible, we want to enable our fans to take time out from the stresses and pressures of modern life. We recently teamed up with renowned photography teachers Aspire Photography Training to offer one Pink Lady® fan and a lucky friend the chance to boost their creativity with a country getaway and photography course.

For those looking for a way to unlock their creative side, photography is the ideal outlet. Don’t be put off if you’re an amateur photographer or just starting out - anyone can use photography as a creative platform, whatever their skill level. The tips below will apply to any photographer, whether you’re using a smartphone or a top of the range DSLR.

As food is our raison d’être here at Pink Lady®, we asked Aspire Photography Training to share their top tips to create fantastic food photography – an ideal way to exercise the creative side of your brain.

Let there be light

Your main priority when it comes to shooting anything should be finding good light. With food photography, direct sunlight is too strong and overpowering; overcast, softly-lit shooting conditions are best, and always use natural sunlight rather than artificial lights which will be too harsh.

Timing is everything

When shooting food, you have a really small window to capture the food looking its very best. Think through lighting, props and positioning before the dish is finished so everything is ready and in place: depending on the food you’re shooting, you might have as little as 30 seconds to get the shot.


The importance of props

Food photography can be made or broken by what’s going on around it. In terms of props and backdrops, start off with natural materials like aged wood, slate, ceramics and natural fabrics which are great for injecting colour. If you have limited materials at hand, a simple white wall can create a really clean, impactful shot.


Don’t forget the process

Don’t think that food photography has to be all about a perfectly presented finished dish. Some of the most interesting, most dynamic images are captured in the moments that lead up to a stunning dish. Food being sold at a market, ingredients on a chopping board or a joint of meat being carved: it all tells a story!


Trial and error

Improving your photography is all about trial and error, whatever your level of ability may be. You don’t have to be a trained photographer to take brilliant food photos; get used to whatever equipment you’re using, read up on its functions, try things, and get lots of practice by shooting what’s around you to build a portfolio of work.


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