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We’ve teamed up with a very special panel of judges to help us pick the winner of our exciting new competition – Pink Lady® Makes it Possible – including our own Pilates expert Jane Linden. Inspired by the feel-good effect of enjoying a Pink Lady® moment we want to make it possible for people to escape from the pressure and stresses of modern life and take time to learn a new skill or try something different!

We’ve enlisted Jane’s help to help us pick our winners, along with three other judges. A personal trainer and Pilates teacher, Jane devised our Pink Lady® Core Pilates moves. A series of bite-sized Pilates tips for Pink Lady® fans, designed to help strengthen those all-important core muscles. Jane originally started out as a part-time gym instructor, taking part in marathons and high impact workouts. Jane began going to Pilates classes to help with her sporting injuries, allowing her to keep training and trying new things. It was there she found a love for it, built up her qualifications and started to teach Pilates herself. Jane loves exercise and is always up for exploring something new to help her relax and unwind in her spare time.

She recently took up rock climbing and is quick to encourage all her students to take on new challenges. She says: “I’m looking forward to reading the entries and hearing why people want to embrace new experiences. As a personal trainer my job is to push people just that little bit beyond their comfort zone, so I know the positive effect it can have on someone’s confidence and well-being when they achieve something they didn’t think they could.

“Whether it’s a physical challenge or a new creative skill you want to try the benefits can be really wide-ranging.”

All you need to do to enter Pink Lady® Makes it Possible is tell us why, in under 300 words, you need to experience a perfect Pink Lady® moment. Jane and rest of the Pink Lady® Makes it Possible judges are looking forward to reviewing the entries!

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