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The plank is a brilliant exercise to condition your whole body. It’s a very simple exercise that you can do in a small space, without the need for any equipment – however simple does not mean easy. 

Jane Linden Brown is a personal trainer and Pilates specialist, she runs Live Breathe Pilates in West Yorkshire. Jane has worked with Pink Lady® to develop a series of Pilates tutorials and is also one of the judges of our Pink Lady® Makes it Possible competition.

Many people find it challenging and give up before they find the strength and technique they need to get the benefits of this great functional exercise. I encourage the people I train to work at their plank because it’s a really functional exercise that prepares the body for the strains of everyday life as well as all sports and activities such as lifting heavy weights.

So, as one of the judges of Pink Lady® Makes it Possible and to celebrate the theme of ‘find your inner strength’ I thought this would be a great exercise to add to the Pink Lady® Core series. In the next few weeks we’re going to share a series of exercises that will form a journey towards a better plank. Work through the series to identify and iron out the vulnerabilities in your plank so that you can get maximum benefit from performing this classic core strength challenge.

What can you expect?

The plank requires a person to be able to hold themselves with their abdominals; it requires good strength in the upper body through good shoulder stability and lastly it requires good coordination between the upper body and lower body.I’m going to share an exercise that helps you assess and improve on each of these areas with step by step instructions and some hints on what to avoid.

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