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We are proud to announce a very special limited edition Pink Lady® sticker, which will be available exclusively at PRIDE events across the country this summer. 

The rainbow sticker will appear on around 20,000 apples in Gay Star News PRIDE bags which will be handed out during this summer’s schedule of PRIDE events. PRIDE kicked off on 28th May in Birmingham and will come to a close in Manchester on 27th August.

Tris Reid-Smith, editor and director of Gay Star News said: “A Pink Lady ® apple is the perfect snack on PRIDE day or any day and they'll taste all the sweeter for carrying a rainbow sticker. It's still very rare for a brand to embrace PRIDE like this, so it’s an exciting activation.”

So don’t forget to look out for our special rainbow stickers if you’re attending any of this summer’s PRIDE events! Apples will be given away in Gay Star News PRIDE bags in the following cities on the following dates:

• Birmingham – 28 May

• London – 25 June

• Bristol – 9 July

• Brighton – 6 Aug

• Glasgow – 20 Aug

• Manchester – 27 Aug

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