Eggcellent Easter fun for all the family

Eggsellent Easter treats for the whole family

Are you looking for ideas to occupy little hands this Easter holiday? Try these quick and tasty Easter baking ideas for a delicious Pink Lady® twist on your favourite treats. They’re fun to make, and the sweet crunch of Pink Lady® apples will make a welcome change from sugary snacks.

Pink Lady® apple, chocolate and orange zest hot cross buns
Nothing says Easter like hot cross buns, and this flavoursome recipe is bound to be a hit.

Pink Lady® apple Easter nests
These tasty chocolate nests on a crisp Pink Lady® base are a sweet and healthy snack.

Pink Lady® apple Easter bunnies
Say hoppy easter with these Pink Lady® apple bunnies! They’re great fun to make with your little ones.

Light and fluffy Pink Lady® apple pancakes
Pancake day may have passed, but these are just too tasty to have only once a year.

Easter baking for kids – fun for the whole family

As well an being an opportunity to spend quality time together, cooking is a wonderful way for children to learn about ingredients and their countries of origin, and to use practical maths when counting and weighing out ingredients. It also boosts confidence and makes children more adventurous eaters. Get started and follow these tips for a stress-free baking day.

Choose simple recipes with lots on hands-on activity
Our Pink Lady® Easter Bunnies are perfect for first-time foodies. No heat is needed, and they’ll have lots of good sticky fun with chocolate spread “glue” – they’ll just need a little help with the toothpicks for the ears.

Talk about hygiene
Encourage hand-washing to stop Jeremy Germ and Billy Bacteria from spoiling the goodies.

Accept that things will get messy
Put down some newspaper, put some old clothes on your little chefs (and a mini-apron if you have one), and let them get stuck in.

Happy Easter from Pink Lady®!

Easter EggGetting arty, getting outside – here’s some Easter entertainment inspiration.

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Once you’ve had a go at our recipes and activities, why not take a picture and upload it on our website. We’ll feature your picture in our creations gallery.

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