Snacks and treats

A Pink Lady® apple is already a perfect snack, but because it’s so tasty, it also works wonders at bringing out the flavour of other ingredients too. These exclusive recipes show you just how versatile a Pink Lady® apple is.

Pink Lady® apple bircher muesli

This delicious fresh breakfast can be eaten straight away or made and soaked overnight for an even creamier texture.     
  • 10 mins to prepare

  • 0 mins to cook

  • Serves 4

Pink Lady® chocolate apples

Great for Halloween or bonfire night. Pink Lady® apples on sticks, drizzled prettily with white and dark chocolate – like toffee apples but easier.
  • 20 mins to prepare

  • 2-4 mins to cook

  • Serves 6

Pink Lady® apple-pie marshmallows

A super snack because it tastes just like apple pie but is actually fat-free.
  • 20 mins to prepare

  • 10 mins to cook, plus several hours to set to cook

  • Serves 36 large squares

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